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I’ve spackled the plot hole satisfactorily for now, but I think I need to take a break for a while to do some research.

So there may be the occasional gushing post where I go on about something fascinating I learned about apothecaries or something.

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Just found an enormous plothole in my novel and now I have to rewrite almost the entire third act because I am a dumb.

If I had paid more attention in geography lessons this might not have happened. Yes the hole in my plot is THAT BORING but still EXTREMELY MASSIVE.

World building is hard.

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So I tend to miss some of the visuals in Baccano! because it somehow became the series I watch while painting my nails.

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Wow thanks England for being suffocatingly warm while I was on the underground and stuck in St Pancras and running for trains and then getting cold and rubbish again once I get home.

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So is there like a NaNoWriMo but for editing? Because I’m not sure how it would work exactly, but I would be into that.

There is in fact: NaNoEdMo is in March. Though as far as I’m concerned, Camp NaNo is a fine time for edits too, since it’s a set-your-own-goals sort…

Perfect, thank you! Yeah, I might hijack NaNoWriMo this November for my editing needs…

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Wearing a long skirt doesn’t mean it’s less likely to get blown up by the wind, it just means that when it does get blown up you’re exposed and blinded.